Suresh Vedantham, MD

Assistant Dean for Clinical Research Medical Director, Center for Clinical Studies Professor of Radiology & Surgery Washington University School of Medicine

Dr. Vedantham, Professor of Radiology & Surgery at the Washington University School of Medicine, is an interventional radiologist who specializes in the delivery and clinical investigation of image-guided therapies for venous thrombosis. As the national Principal Investigator of the NHLBI-sponsored ATTRACT and C-TRACT Trials, Dr. Vedantham is experienced with the successful conduct of multicenter clinical trials. He currently serves as Assistant Dean for Clinical Research, Medical Director of the Center for Clinical Studies (CCS), and director of the Trial Care multicenter clinical trial support center that is supported by the CCS and the Institute for Clinical & Translational Sciences at Washington University. He has served as the IND Holder and IDE Holder for FDA-regulated clinical trials and has robust experience in managing these regulatory responsibilities in the service of successful studies.


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