Thomas Maddox, MD, MSc

Vice President, Digital Products and Innovation, BJC HealthCare/Washington University School of Medicine Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), Washington University School of Medicine

Dr. Maddox is Vice President, Digital Products and Innovation. In this role, he provides strategic oversight and direction of the BJC Digital team and the BJC/WUSM Healthcare Innovation Lab. The BJC Digital team is responsible for delivering the digital vision of BJC HealthCare to support its enterprise goal of customer-centricity. The digital team builds and deploys digital products – such as online portals, apps, and wearables – that can help our patients and care teams receive and deliver optimal healthcare experiences and outcomes. The Healthcare Innovation Lab catalyzes care delivery innovation through research and development at BJC HealthCare and its academic partner, Washington University School of Medicine. To date, the Lab has developed innovations in predictive analytics in inpatient care, critical care, and palliative care; remote patient monitoring in heart failure, post-operative, and COVID-19 patients; patient transportation for ambulatory and cancer patients; and voice assistants in inpatient supply chain and pre-operative patients. He is also a practicing cardiologist, a Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) at Washington University School of Medicine, and a health services researcher. He is currently a Trustee of the American College of Cardiology.

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