Laura Zonia

Senior Scientific Editor, Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences

Laura Zonia has a PhD in Biochemistry, 26 years of experience as an independent researcher in five countries, and 12 years of experience as a professional Scientific Editor. She has broad research and/or editing expertise in biochemistry; biophysics; civil, structural, environmental, and biomedical engineering; chemistry; molecular, cellular, and developmental biology; medical sciences; plant and agricultural sciences; biofuels and renewable energy; and nanoscience. She is skilled in working with scientists from diverse language backgrounds. Laura joined the Research Development Program of the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS) in 2017 and helped initiate and build the Scientific Editing Service (SES). The SES has established a strong record of improving extramural grant proposals and journal manuscripts for ICTS members, strengthening center grants for research clusters, and helping investigators obtain research funding.

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